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5 ways in which your business can enhance CX with Cloud Contact Centre


A cloud contact centre is a central point of contact hosted on cloud servers and handles all incoming and outgoing client contacts. These can be accessed from nearly anywhere on the planet and can handle communications through a variety of methods, including but not limited to voice conversations, emails, social media, and web forms. While large enterprises may face several challenges when managing several communication channels simultaneously, cloud telephony solutions can provide a one-stop solution that allows them to be managed from anywhere in the world.

Enhance caller experience:

Your ability to provide excellent customer service can make or break your company. A cloud contact centre’s core and value proposition is to provide a pleasurable experience across numerous channels. Customers who engage with your business and have a pleasant experience become brand advocates, resulting in increased customer retention, revenue, and loyalty. Customers can effortlessly communicate with your brand in a multi-channel fashion by employing voice and chatbots to receive prompt resolutions to their issues by building a contact centre in the cloud. You may better understand the thoughts and sentiments behind customers’ behaviours by hearing directly from them, for example, through open-text comments on surveys. As a result, you can make more informed CX decisions.

Be omnipresent:

One of the essential transformations you will make in your company strategy is to embrace omnipresent, which goes hand in hand with emphasizing CX. With phone devices accounting for more than half of all web traffic, multi-device digital journeys have become the norm. However, it is not simply about preserving a consistent experience across devices. Today’s CX leaders recognize that customers interact with companies across various offline and online channels, frequently switching between them and that each step of the journey is important. However, it must be effortlessly joined-up and consistent, despite its wandering and unexpected nature.

Enhance workforce productivity:

Visionary contact centre technology executives understand that their people perform the magic, not their technology. To that end, training and empowering agents, as well as assuring their continued engagement, is a critical success factor. Organizations are providing staff with the greatest tools to manage their customers’ journeys across various touchpoints and providing education, gamification tools, and enhanced autonomy to keep their teams motivated and fulfilled. With innovative cloud telephony providers in India, a business can save bandwidth, resources, and money while delivering high-quality customer interaction experiences.

International number:

When you want to reach out to numerous nations and regions, cloud-based communications offers a large local number pool and unbeatable reliability thanks to global carrier connectivity. This helps you avoid negotiating contracts with carriers in every country where you conduct business. You can acquire instant multi-region connectivity and on-demand phone numbers from one platform because APIs are cloud-based. You can give a local experience from anywhere in the world thanks to its global infrastructure. To improve your global business operations, get virtual numbers for different countries.

Call routing and mapping:

When there’s a long line of clients waiting to be served, most businesses believe that connecting them to the correct agent as soon as possible is a top priority. Intelligent routing allows you to connect your clients to the relevant agent faster in an inbound contact centre built with APIs. Attribute-based routing evaluates each caller’s needs and context before connecting them to the most qualified agent available who can meet those needs. Priority-based routing allows you to prioritize your most important callers and get them to the front of the line. Thus to reduce client wait times, route calls to available agents while simultaneously recording inbound and outbound calls in real-time.

Journey maps can improve current customer experiences, plan for future customer experiences, and drive organizational change. Customers’ processes, wants, and perceptions are visually represented in customer journey mapping during their encounters and connection with your brand. By comparing journey maps to core KPIs, you can better understand your customer experience and where problems and opportunities exist.

Move on with the cloud contact centre.

Every business vertical’s growth relies on a cloud contact centre to streamline company communication and reinvent service delivery capabilities. Thus, to stay up with changing client expectations, Knowlarity’s cloud contact centre has evolved with shifting technology and business breakthroughs so the business can confidently rely on it.

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