Buiness A Guide About Security Guards Responsibilities

A Guide About Security Guards Responsibilities


Hiring security guards can secure private businesses, neighborhoods, and large crowds. Individuals can also hire them to protect in various situations. They can create a strong visual presence that can help prevent unruly behavior.

Ever wonder what security guards can do in an emergency when they are providing mobile security services? Or what they are prohibited from doing. Today’s blog will examine what legal rights security guards have and what they cannot do while on the job.

A Security Guard Can Legally Make Arrests

Although a security guard cannot make an actual arrest like law enforcement officers, they can make a citizen’s warrant. To do this properly, the security guard must have seen someone commit a crime, particularly a felony. The “arrest” signifies that the individual can be detained. After the individual is taken into custody, they must contact the police to allow them to make the official arrest.

Where Do Security Guards Have Jurisdiction

The property or facility they are hired to protect and patrol is their actual authority. Suppose a security guard is hired to monitor and protect a particular retail store or event. Their duties, such as asking people to leave the premises or making arrests, are restricted to that specific store or event.

Can Security Guards Use Weapons Or Force?

All security guards can use “reasonable force” when removing someone from their property. Guards must act with caution and use cause rather than emotion or impulse. The company that hired them could face serious legal consequences if they use unnecessary force with weapons and equipment.

Can Security Guards Search People

Security officers must know how each individual behaves to perform their duties effectively. Security officers must be aware of any behavior changes that might indicate something is wrong.

If someone appears nervous or scared, they might be a victim of a crime. Trouble could arise if someone uses derogatory language or slurs. These types of behavior should be reported to security officers.

Security officers must be aware of all their surroundings while on patrol. Security officers must be vigilant to spot any unusual behavior and maintain a high level of awareness. They must also be on the lookout for unattended bags and packages.

A security guard cannot search someone or their property without the owner’s consent. This power is only available to police officers, who are legally permitted to search with consent or a warrant. Don’t go beyond your limits if you are a newly hired security guard. A certified security service company such as A List Security Services in Calgary will give you the proper training to do your job correctly.

They must also keep an eye out for anyone trying to hide on the property or make an appearance out of place. Security officers’ number one priority should be keeping people safe. They should, therefore, always be alert.

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