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Best Home Cleaning Service Provider In Denmark


It is easy and straightforward to get started with a cleaning company with us. If you have any questions, email us immediately, and we will probably help you. We promise that you will not have to wait too long for our answer, there is nothing fun about Home Cleaning. You do not have to be nervous about whether you get written all the right information, we will find out together. We look forward to welcoming you with us.

Here you get a complete private cleaning performed by experienced and skilled cleaning Rengøringsfirma assistants. We place great emphasis on you feeling safe with us as we enter your private home and know that it requires trust. Our assistants are quite ordinary family members who want to provide a clean home you can come home to. With us, you get the same team every time – it gives security. Here we come on a weekly basis or every 14 days and help with e.g. the vacuuming and wiping of dust and more in the beautiful apartments and houses. You have the opportunity to have your visit planned for 3 different periods, so it can always suit families or e.g. people who work from home.

After many years of experience with this type of service, we now have a reasonably good overview of how much private cleaning can be achieved. There are several factors that come into play when calculating price and time consumption, but take a look at the prices and or just contact us for more information.

Our prices for private cleaning assistance depend on several different factors such as:

  • How many square meters of housing to be clean.
  • What kind of cleaning you want
  • If you want to enter into a permanent agreement with us

We can both be helpful in connection with regular private cleaning. Just as we can also offer private main cleaning a few times a year. If desired. In addition, we are ready to help you. Whether you want to enter into a permanent agreement with us about cleaning help. Or whether you just need our help with cleaning once.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions, if you would like to hear about our cleaning help Rengøringshjælp, or if you would like to order our help with cleaning. In that case, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you with a cheap price either in the form of a fixed agreement or a stand-alone task.

When you come home tired from work. You most likely do not throw yourself over the cleaning or gardening with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Therefore, it can also be nice to have a few extra hands that can take over some sour duties of everyday life. In the following post, we take a closer look at the benefits of letting a service. A company that offers cleaning assistance to individuals take care of household obligations.

Private cleaning is always a matter of trust between the customer and the cleaning company. Jacobsens-rengøring.dk performs private cleaning and Home Cleaning in Aarhus and the surrounding area. The customers know us and know that the cleaning is in good hands. We know our customers and ensure good quality and integrity in our work. Jacobsens-rengøring.dk has an adult and well-trained staff.

We want a close contact with our customers. And we will do everything we can to ensure that it is the same cleaning assistant. Who comes to the individual customer every time. We never go out unannounced for private cleaning Rengøring. The cleaning is always based on the customer’s wishes about what needs to be completed. For example, a very thorough bathroom cleaning can be a priority once and the next time it is the kitchen that has the highest priority.

When we go out for Home Cleaning. We have cleaning products and remedies with you. You only need to provide a vacuum cleaner. If you need to use special cleaning agents or care products. You must buy them yourself and indicate how you want them used.


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