Travel Does American Airlines Charge For Missed Flight?

Does American Airlines Charge For Missed Flight?


Well, if you have booked your tickets with American Airlines, and you did not appear at the time of boarding the flights, you might not be charged for a no-show. However, there are certain limitations. You need to follow American Airlines missed flight policy if you do want to pay any extra charges for rebooking your flight after missing the original one.

Let us find out what the American Airlines missed flight policy says.

Key Points on American Airlines Missed Flight:

Before you move forward with rebooking your flight after missing the original one, you need to know about the missed flight policy of American Airlines. Here are the highlights for the same:

  • American Airlines flight passengers can do the flight rebooking 15 minutes after or before the departure of the flight. But, in case they fail to do so, they will come under the no-show category.
  • In case you have reached the airport at the time but missed the flight, the airline gives you a seat on the next and immediate flight to the same destination. You do not have to pay extra charges for it.
  • Moreover, if any flight schedule gets disturbed significantly or gets canceled on the part of American Airlines, they will reserve your seats on the immediately available flights without any charges.


Do I get credit for the American Airlines Missed flight?

You can talk to the American Airlines customer service number. Th live agent at American Airlines will tell if you are eligible for the credit after missing the flight or not. 

However, if you have a refundable ticket, you might expect the payment reversal. So, if you will get the refund on missing the flight or not depends totally upon the type of the ticket. 

What are American Airlines 500 Mile Upgrades?

Well, American Airlines 500 Mile Upgrades is the feature introduced by the airlines. This allows the passengers to upgrade the seats to any first or business class. This is for selected international and domestic routes. 

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