Technology How to send a group direct message on Instagram?

How to send a group direct message on Instagram?


If you want to send group direct messages on Instagram, you may face Instagram limitations in sending bulk messages. This method is so effective in advertising. Because people always pay special attention to the messages that they received in private chat. In the following, we want to explain how can we send a group direct message using a series of tricks? Stay with us…



Some Instagram Rules About Sending Group Direct Messages

First of all, you should know that Instagram divides the people you want to send direct messages to into two categories.

  1. People who have followed you (acquaintances)
  2. People who have not followed you (strangers)

There are not many restrictions on familiar people, and until your followers do not report and block you, Instagram will not have a problem with sending your direct messages. This means that Instagram assumes that you are responding to or interacting with people who already know you and have followed and interacted with you. But Instagram is very strict about people who are strangers, those who have not followed you. That is Instagram does not allow you to send direct messages to more than 10 strangers a day! It looks very strict! But there is an interesting way that you can send a large number of direct messages per day due to this limitation. Stay with us …

Use Tools to Send a Direct Message

Before you start bypassing limitations by tricks, you need a tool for sending a group direct message because you cannot send direct messages to a large number of people and you cannot cross Instagram’s rules manually. A software (tool) which we provide with the text of the messages and our intended target audiences and the tool does the rest sending activities automatically!

You may think Where do you should find such software? Here we introduce to you an appropriate software called “The Instagram Bulk Direct Messages Sender Bot” a product from the Virtual User website, whose description on the page will help you better understand such software. Therefore, here we do not explain direct sending software and refer you to the page of the Virtual User website because, in addition to a complete and comprehensive description, there is also a demo version of the software, which can help you more to learn how this software works.

Tricks for Bypassing Instagram Restrictions on Sending Group Direct Messages

As we said, Instagram is very sensitive to sending direct messages to strangers and sometimes does not allow you to send direct messages to more than 10 strangers in one day. Bypassing this restriction is only possible by creating side accounts (pages). This means that you can create a large number of side accounts and use them to advertise your main page by sending direct messages. You can send a post from your main page to people direct (using side accounts). Creating a side account is not so difficult and you can even provide pre-created Instagram accounts. The important point is that the direct message sender software can accept several accounts so that it can automatically send many direct accounts through each account and go to the next account and continue this process in bulk.

In this article, we introduced to you a software that can send bulk direct messages on Instagram and switch between several accounts to send messages with each of them. Using this software, you can also extract user IDs on Instagram to create a list of your target audiences. We recommend that if you want to send a group direct message, be sure to visit the Virtual User website and its popular software.

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