Travel Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Houston.

Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Houston.


The fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston, is an ideal tourist destination full of adventure, entertainment, dining, shopping and culture. The city is full of some of the best tourist attractions, such as the space center, children’s quarter and museum, NRG stadium, and more. 

So, you can visit Houston by booking Turkish Airlines Booking and making your trip as comfortable as you want. To help you save time, we have compiled a list of the best tourist destinations you can visit in Houston.

Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Houston.

Houston Space Center

The Houston Space Center is a major tourist attraction, one in Houston This place is the official visitor center of the Johnson Space Center. The top of the center is a large replica of the shuttle and its carrier. You can also walk around the first American space station. Other downtown attractions include Johnson Space Center, Level 9 Tour, Buoyancy Lab, Rocket Park and ISS Mission Control.

Museum Quarter

The Houston Museum District is a collective attraction of a total of 19 museums. Of these 19 museums, 11 are open to tourists with free admission. Houston Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Holocaust Museum, and Houston Children’s Museum are regional attractions. You can also visit other free museums such as Rothko Chapel, the Houston Museum of African American Culture and the Houston Center for Photography.

 Buffalo Bayou Park 

If you are looking for a place to spend some quiet time with your family or want to enjoy a decent picnic surrounded by vegetables, then visit Buffalo Bayou Park. The park is spread over 160 acres of land throughout the city and the center of the park is the slow moving water of Buffalo Bayou. You can also come here by bike, see the beautifully carved buildings or sit under a tree and relax.

 Houston Zoo

If you visit Houston with your children, be sure to take them to the Houston Zoo. This zoo is an ideal place to stay with your children. The zoo is not only a famous tourist attraction, but also known among the locals. You and your children can enjoy a wide range of exotic animals such as giraffes, lions, other land animals and aquatic species. In total, the museum is home to more than 6,000 terrestrial and aquatic animals.

 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is the largest annual event that is fun and adventurous. The event is held annually from February to March and lasts 19 days. That’s why this season is the best way to plan your trip to Houston. You will be surprised how many activities take place here for people of all ages. Carnival rides, snack stalls, games and other fun activities are here for 19 days.

 NRG Stadium

People in the US are crazy about basketball, football and other games. Tens of thousands of people can sit in this stadiums at the annual NFL and Super Bowl. NRG Stadium is one of the most popular stadiums in Houston, where people from all over the USA and abroad come to watch these matches. In addition to the NRG Stadium, you can also visit the Minute Maid Park and Toyota Stadium and enjoy a game with your family. Southern goods restaurant


So, if you want to taste what is famous in Houston, Southern Goods Restaurant is one of the best places to sample some of the local food. Options are available in a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Asian and Latin American. This place is also great if you are looking for a place to spend a fun evening.

 Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is unique in itself. It is an image of a multi-story fountain that sees water plates flowing over tall concrete walls and statues and water falling on a 64-foot-tall statue. It is surrounded by numerous oaks and covers 2.77 acres of land.

 Preston Street 

If you love street art and want to see the best of Houston, then head to Preston Street. However, graffiti has always been very popular in Houston and this place is their unique country. On this street you will find several interesting and amazing graffiti arts and artists. Moreover, you must Get in Touch with Turkish Airlines to purchase the flight ticket to Houston.

Houston Children’s Museum

Take your children to the Houston Children’s Museum. This museum is specially designed for your children to have fun playing and learn a lot. so, your child will have the time of their life and learn a lot while you enjoy many of these interactive activities organized by the museum. 

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