Travel Places To Explore In Connecticut

Places To Explore In Connecticut


Are you tired of the same daily routine? Do you need a break from heading to the office from home and back? Are you also craving some fresh air and a trip with the people you love the most? If this is what your heart wants, then we have the perfect plan for you and the name of it is Connecticut.


Head on to a beach getaway with your family for a long weekend. And where else can you find the eye-opening, jaw-dropping beauty other than in Connecticut? This place is a perfect escape for people who love beaches over mountains. 

From the gorgeous Gillette Castle State Park to Mystic Seaport to many other tourist attractions, Connecticut can be a lot of fun. So get yourself Spirit Airlines reservations already and start packing your beach clothes!

We are here with a list of places that you must not miss. Let’s dive straight into it. 

Silver Sands State Park in Connecticut

We don’t even see the need to explain why this state park tops the list. You can find snowy, soft, golden sandy beaches anywhere in the world. But you get to see beaches with sparkly silver sand only in Connecticut. This park is one of the most beautiful tourist spots here. You can take a walk by the water or just lie down on the sand for a while. Adventure-loving people can enjoy swimming and diving in Long Island Sound. Also, make sure to explore Charles Island Bird Sanctuary, which is only a walking distance away. 

Greenwich in Connecticut

Named after a small village in London, Greenwich is the largest city in Connecticut. When you land in Connecticut, make sure that you stay here for a few days, this town has been known as one of the United States’ best places to live. During your stay, explore a few hot spots that the visitors hate to miss out on. Highlights include the Audubon Center and the Bruce Museum. Also, if you are a shopaholic, then Greenwich is the best stop to do as much shopping as you want to do. 

Old Saybrook

Old Saybrook is a town for people who dig history. It is one of the oldest places in Connecticut and has a lot of sites and places for historians to explore. The most astonishing landmark here is the Lynde Point Lighthouse. Other than that, make sure that you also take some time out for the General William Hart House and the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. These two attractions are definitely worth every minute you spend. After a long yet adventurous day, you can put a relaxing pause to your trip at Harvey’s Beach. You can soak in its mesmerizing surroundings and enjoy a little mini-golf. 

Mystic Seaport 

If you are here with your kids, then you must take them to Mystic Seaport. This palace is a collection of museums that display the history and lifestyle of sailmakers and shipbuilders. This seaport is the US largest maritime museum, which stands on 19 acres of land. This is where you can get a closer look at a huge collection of boats, sailing ships, and their various parts. The permanent collection here holds many artifacts and art pieces related to nautical history. You will also see various ship models here to get a closer at. 

Yale University Museums

Yale University in Connecticut is known to hold the most renowned collection of museums. From Peabody Museum to YA Art Gallery to Beinecke Rare Book, you will find a museum in a building for everything. The entire collection at these museums is too huge to be covered and observed on a single trip. However, the galleries exhibits here are worth your time. This is where you will see the artworks of some really talented people, including George Bellows, Singleton Copley, John Singer Sargent, and Winslow Homer. The entire campus of the university is itself a mini trip. So make sure you plan to come here only when you have enough time otherwise you will have to miss out on a lot. 

Gillette Castle State Park

Gillette Castle State Park was initially home to Hooker Gillette and today is one of the top attractions in Connecticut. This old building has 24 different rooms and seems quite similar to a medieval fortress. Once you step inside the building, everything will amaze you. The interiors are mostly of amazing wooden craftsmanship, including doors and switches that the owner of this house created himself. You can simply visit this state park by crossing the Connecticut River during good weather conditions. 

Final Statement

Connecticut is a beautiful place to bring your family to. It has a lot more to explore with everything we have mentioned above. So go ahead and get yourself United Airlines Booking at the cheapest rates and make some memories of a lifetime. Make sure to carry your camera along and click beautiful pictures for your Instagram feed. 


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