Travel Top 5 Cheap Caribbean Destinations to Explore

Top 5 Cheap Caribbean Destinations to Explore


Top 5 Cheap Caribbean Destinations to Explore

Well, the gorgeous beaches and crystal blues seas make the Caribbean globally popular among travelers. Tourists across all over the globe visit the Caribbean to witness the beauty of this place.


The Caribbean welcomes tourists and offers them the best and most memorable moment of their life for ages. But also, enjoying full-fledged life in the Caribbean may cost you a lot. The solo, family and even squad vacation in the Caribbean is quite expensive.

But there are also many spots in the Caribbean where you can enjoy and stay without burning your pocket. Here in this post, we are discussing the five cheap Caribbean destinations for budget travelers.

Let’s visit the beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Located in the easternmost part of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana has been globally renowned as the holiday resort spot for decades. This amazing holiday resort spreads in a 32 km long coastline alongside the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Sea.

Talking about the budget, one can easily stay at a 3-star hotel which costs you around $56 per night and a meal will cost you around $7 per person. Suppose you are interested in exploring the beautiful Caribbean.

In that case, you can also go to the Spirit Airlines reservation to get the cheapest flight ticket and get the best deals and discounts. But, if you want to cancel it then you should check the Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy.

Explore the amazing Montego Bay in Jamaica

Jamaica is the second-largest city in the Caribbean. It is also referred to as the tourist capital of the Caribbean. Montego Bay in Jamaica offers the best holiday experience to its visitors. This resort is the perfect destination for tourists looking to have a peaceful vacation in the Caribbean.

You can enjoy sipping cocktails and looking at the magical waves of the sea at night. Also popularly known as “MoBay” by the locals, Montego Bay is quite affordable to visit. The cheapest meal for one person will cost you around $4 only and staying at the 3-star hotel in Jamaica will cost you $83 per night.

Visit the mind-blowing Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

If you are looking to explore the northern Dominican Republic, then Puerto Plata will be the perfect destination for you. One can easily enjoy their vacation here without thinking about the money and spending.

The fresh vibes and beautiful beaches can make your time here amazing, especially if you are visiting here as a couple. You can also enjoy swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and many other water activities.

If you think about your stay, you can enjoy it in a 3-star hotel for $67 per night and $6 per person meal.

Experience the vast array of the beautiful beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the most preferred destination in the Caribbean, which is also the capital of Puerto Rico. One can explore the beautiful beaches, tasty delicacies, and amazing colorful buildings in San Juan.

So, pack your bag, and let’s get ready to explore the beauty of the Caribbean in San Juan. If you want to book the cheapest flight ticket to the Caribbean, Spirit Airlines booking will be the best choice.

Last but not least – Curacao

To end your vacation in the Caribbean, Curacao will be the perfect destination for you and your family. This globally renowned Dutch Caribbean island has alluring beaches for its visitors across all over the globe.

One can also experience the European feel by visiting Curacao. Here, you will witness the culture, food, history, art, and awesome harbor of the Caribbean without burning your pocket.



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