Business Difference Between Lotus Card and Tarot Card Reading

Difference Between Lotus Card and Tarot Card Reading


Tarot card reading has become famous in these upcoming years. People rely on online psychics and trust the readers based on how much truth is told. But now, due to convenience, online tarot readings have become even more popular. 

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, and each card has a specific meaning and symbol. While the major arcana cards talk about spiritual guidance, the minor arcana cards talk about the day to day challenges from professional to love life.


Lotus Cards

Lotus card deck is the newest psychic source. Its cards are real-life images photoshopped instead of the usual artist drawings. People have loved these because it looks more authentic and speaks their language.

Initially, the deck was used as digital readings by tarot card readers, but there were too many requests for a physical deck that they were then converted and now became available for purchase. 

The cards of the deck are made by using the casino grade card. But these are made easy to shuffle. The lotus cards are more long-lasting than the standard print cards and are easier to handle. 

Differences Found in the Lotus tarot.

  • The death card shows death through a bare skeleton with the red sky in the background instead of an armoured knight on a horse. 
  • The sun card shows two nude kids standing in a sunflower field instead of a naked child on the horse carrying a red banner with the sun shining. 

Difference Between Lotus Card Reading and Tarot Card reading

Lotus Tarot is the latest one, whereas online tarot card reading is a traditional reading method online and offline. Lotus cards talk a lot through their cards only as the cards look so real; not much explanation is needed.

 They give a very logical and precise answer. These psychic cards make it very easy to study it, and these online can pass a good judgement. On the other hand, tarot cards need a proper expert that has experience since the cards are not self-explanatory. 

Lotus cards do not offer horoscope readings, but they do offer free tarot card readings online. The usual tarot card reading can give any information you want, from a horoscope to anything you want. 

Lotus cards have very realistic readings that talk honestly and will tell you exactly what’s going on, good or bad, especially if they are online. They are point to point. Tarot card readings give a general overview related to love, family or career. 

Both of these, be it lotus cards or tarot cards, want the best and the most accurate information. They look different but can give you a lot of information on what you want to hear.

 Lotus cards are the latest ones with the newest technology, but traditional tarot cards also give a lot of helpful information. They both give clarity. You must check Thriive for their instant readings online, and they have the best tarot readers online that will provide you with a lot of clarity on every topic from love to professional goals. 



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