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Best Ways To Wash Double-Sized Bedsheets


Bedding is the most important thing for a good night’s sleep, but you should also be very careful about taking care of your bedding, especially your bedsheets since you sleep on them.

While buying bedsheets online, we pick the best ones, but that is not where it should end; you should know how to take care of and wash your double-sized bedsheets.


Here are the best ways to wash your bedsheets online:

Before you start the washing process, be sure to read the care instructions for how they need to be washed and stain removal. It is a good idea to have a pre-wash stain remover on hand for washing sheets when you need an extra cleaning powder to clean your bedding.

2.Washing Sheets
Double-sized sheets need a lot of space and should be washed alone only without any other cloth with it. It’s good to keep them alone inside the washing machine. Also, while putting them, make sure they are set in the right way to ensure they don’t get damaged inside.

3.Separating Sheets
Always make sure you wash your single-size bed sheets or double-sized ones alone in the machine. This is to ensure that other items don’t get tangled in the sheets and cause any damage or color issues.

4.Washer Settings
While you are getting them washed, always choose the gentle cycle if you doubt, even after you have checked the care label. Don’t ever take a chance with the washing cycle and try washing them enough to make them feel fresh.

5.Water Temperature And Detergent
The best temperature for your water while washing your sheets should be warm water ideally. Hot water can cause damage by fading color and can be harsh for the threads. At the same time, cold water may not clean as well.

Also, while using the detergent, choose a mild one to help you take care of your cotton bedsheets. But, again, the key is not to use a lot of it.

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Drying Your Sheets

The key to drying your cotton sheets correctly is removing them from the washing machine promptly to remove excess moisture and excessive wrinkling.

While removing them, make sure you gently shake them and separate them for drying.

If the weather is good, you can hang your bedsheets outside on a clothesline to air dry them.

Use the low or medium setting to dry your bed sheet sets; using a hot setting would cause the sheets not to last too long.

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