Business The Digital Gold Revolution with Spare8: Unlocking Convenience and Potential Returns

The Digital Gold Revolution with Spare8: Unlocking Convenience and Potential Returns



Traditional investment avenues are radically transforming in today’s fast-paced digital world, where convenience and technology reign supreme. Among these revolutionary changes, digital gold has emerged as a popular choice for young investors seeking to build wealth without the hassle of traditional financial instruments. Spare8, a cutting-edge digital gold app, is making it easier than ever for individuals to participate in this financial revolution.


Convenience at Your Fingertips

Benefits of digital gold include a combination of accessibility, affordability, and security. Spare8’s digital gold app allows users to invest their spare change from everyday transactions seamlessly. It rounds up digital payments to the nearest Rs 10, making saving and investing effortless. For iOS users, Spare8 provides the option to set up daily savings with a minimum of Rs 10, allowing for flexibility in investment strategies.

No Lock-In Period

Traditional investments often come with rigid lock-in periods, restricting access to funds. Spare8 stands out by allowing investors to access their digital gold investments at any time. There are no lock-in periods or maturity restrictions, ensuring your money remains accessible for emergencies or opportunities.

Hassle-Free Investment

Unlike traditional banking processes with lengthy KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, Spare8’s onboarding is quick and straightforward. Users can provide basic information and start investing in digital gold without delays or hassles.

Transparency and Security

Investor concerns about the safety of digital assets are common. Spare8 has partnered with Augmont, a trusted name in the gold industry, to ensure the security of digital gold investments. Actual gold of the same value is stored in Augmont vaults, regularly verified by independent sources. If desired, investors can opt for physical gold delivery. With 256-bit encryption, Spare8 provides robust protection against fraud and ensures the safety of investments.

Potential for Attractive Returns

A major benefit of digital gold has demonstrated its potential to outperform other asset classes, offering an impressive 16% return on gold leasing. This return comprises a fixed 5% annual return from Spare8 and an average growth of 11% per annum based on market performance. By investing in digital gold through Spare8, you tap into the opportunity for substantial returns on your investment, potentially surpassing traditional savings or investment options.

Gamified Investment

Benefits of digital gold app Spare8 offers an engaging and rewarding experience. The “Refer and Earn!” scheme allows you to invite friends and receive free gold worth up to ₹500. Additionally, the slot machine gaming feature enables auto-investing with just Rs 10, which can yield rewards worth up to Rs 100. This gamified approach adds excitement to your investment journey, making it more enjoyable and motivating.


The benefits of digital gold are undeniable, and Spare8 is at the forefront of making these benefits accessible to young investors. With its user-friendly digital gold app, Spare8 combines convenience, transparency, and potential returns to help you build wealth effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to invest your spare change, save for the future, or take advantage of the potential returns offered by digital gold, Spare8 has you covered.

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