Lifestyle What Are The Benefits Of Buying Cotton Bath Towels?

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Cotton Bath Towels?


Choosing a towel can be overwhelming sometimes. You know you’re adulting, right, when you ask your mother or google what kind of towels you should buy. The towel terminology may get scary with terms such as GSM, Pima cotton, thread count and more, but we have made it easier for you. 

When buying bath towels, it is essential to use 100% cotton towels. You’ll find a variety of other fabrics, but pure cotton works the best. This is because of various reasons that we’ll explore today. By the end, you too will agree that no matter whether bath towels or hand towels, you should opt for cotton towels always. 


Here is why so! 


Cotton is a natural fiber, allowing a high amount of breathability. You may ask why does it have to be breathable at all? This is because your skin also needs space to breathe, or else you may get rashes. 

The fiber allows easy airflow and hence keeps your body cool too. In synthetic fiber, you will find this absent. Since it is breathable, it is also more highly absorbent and also dries quickly. 


A cotton towel set will always be the most comfortable for your body. The soft fabric is a perfect suggestion for sensitive skin. You use a towel daily and hence can’t leave any place for skin irritation. 

Hence, cotton towels are best as they don’t cause any rashes and are soft, unlike the other stiff synthetic fabrics. 

Natural Fabric

Cotton is a natural fiber; hence will suit all types of skin. It will be free from chemicals, making your skin free from outside chemicals, which may not be good for it. This is different from synthetic fabrics that undergo chemical processes to be prepared. 

You don’t want to end up with an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals. Hence you don’t need to have second thoughts over cotton bath towels. 


We all feel that the best is always the most expensive. But when it comes to buying bath towels, the best is one of the most affordable. You’ll come across expensive Pima cotton and Turkish cotton towels, which may be expensive due to their plush fabric.

You’ll come across various cotton towels that are affordable and worth every penny for daily wear. 

For such bath towels and other face, beach and hand towels, check out Stellar Homes. Their affordable cotton towels will be a perfect fit for you. Cotton towels require lower maintenance and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Check out Stellar Homes’ range of cotton bath towels for your everyday use!




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