Lifestyle Trendy crop tops for women

Trendy crop tops for women


Crop tops are one of the loved items of women’s wardrobes today. Though teens are mostly fond of crop tops, they are popular with women of all ages. They are meant to add unique styles and patterns to our tops collection. Crop tops may not be our daily essentials, but they are our go-to choices when it comes to being trendsetters. Crop tops come in several patterns and cuts that are uniquely stylish. Their countless variety of necklines and sleeves make them versatile and popular. Here are a few designs of crop tops that are worth trying.

  • Ruffle sleeve crop top:

As the name suggests, ruffle sleeve crop tops are characterised by the ruffles on the sleeves. The plentiful folds are an eye-catcher making the crop tops look unique. Ruffle crop tops are not only chic but highly versatile. You can wear them with jeans, short skirts as well as sarees. You can go for Indo-western fusion with a ruffle crop top and a chiffon saree and sneakers for parties and events.

  • Off-shoulder crop top:

Off-shoulder crop tops are designed to make you look ravishing! You can wear them for parties, casual hangouts and dates. Off-shoulder crop tops have a unique cut where sleeves fall from the shoulder. The sleeves do not cover the shoulder, keeping them bare and open.

Such a unique cut is perfect for highlighting your toned shoulders to make you look charming! Wear an off-shoulder crop top with a long skirt and high heels for brunches and dinners.

  • Front twist crop top: 

Front twist crop tops make you look voluptuous. You look curvier in these crop tops. Front twist crop tops are interesting and add glamour to your look. To have this unique pattern, twist crop tops are made of stretchable fabric. Go for an extravagant look with a lavender twist crop top and skinny white pants. They look good with black skinny jeans and sneakers.

  • V-neck crop top:

V-neck crop tops are typically crop tops with a V-shaped neckline. These crop tops may have puff sleeves to add more glamour to them. V-neck crop tops are parties and events where you want to be extravagant in your look. These look good with chiffon sarees. V-neck crop tops look best with short skirts and tight jeans. High-waist jeans with heels are the ideal pairing partners for V-neck crop tops. You can also wear them with ballerinas and ankle boots to stand out. 

  • Henley crop top:

Henley crop tops are ideal to beat the summer heat. These are made of cool and comforted knitted fabric having very short sleeve lengths. Henley crop tops are bodycon tops with front buttons. They fit tightly on your chest and upper body which gives you an attractive look. Wear a henley crop top with white cargo pants or brown chinos to look cool in summer and spring.

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