Sports How White Water Rafting In Kolad Is An Ultimate Happiness?

How White Water Rafting In Kolad Is An Ultimate Happiness?


White water rafting is a sport that fills your heart with thrill. The history of river rafting in India is old, but nowadays, the craze for white water rafting is growing more, especially amongst the youngsters. It is also seen as an excellent option to take a break from the hectic work schedules. Many people call river rafting a sport of danger, but let us tell you that it is not a sport of risk, but instead, river rafting is enjoyable. Although river rafting poses little threat, it is also a fun-filled sport. All you need is to find a safe and trusted place to do White Water Rafting in Kolad.

Cost Of White Water Rafting in Kolad


Kolad is possibly the best destination for river rafting in Mumbai. You can enjoy a great white water rafting time at a reasonable cost. Although the final price would depend on your route, season, and the size of your group, one thing we can assure you about is that the cost will be worth the adventure of white water rafting. 

The cost may also vary according to weekend or weekday or if you’re visiting on a special occasion. The approximate value of White Water Rafting on river Kundalika in Kolad is Rs 800/- on weekdays and Rs 1200/- on weekends.

Protective Gears To Wear While White Water Rafting

The people in charge will help you with everything, but you also need to know what you need to be safe while having fun.

  • Always wear a helmet!

Never mind if you are doing grade 1 or grade 5, you always need to be with a helmet.

  • Always wear a life jacket!

Sometimes, the fact that you are wearing a life jacket does not mean that it will save your life. The most important thing is to wear it correctly. The lifejacket should be fitted perfectly on your body, and all of its buckles must be clipped, so make sure everything is in place before jumping into the fun! The best thing is that you can ask a professional guide to fit your jacket.

  • You have to be very careful during the safety talk with the guide in charge.

You will do river rafting with experienced professionals who know exactly what to do and how to handle any situation. So just listen to them carefully, and you will enjoy fantastic river rafting in Kolad.

The Bottom Line

Are you planning to go for white water river rafting with your office staff? Let us tell you that the time from November to February will be entirely appropriate. Keeping in mind the safety standards, you can choose any trusted agency for white water rafting in Kolad. Before white water rafting, you must keep a T-shirt, swimwear, a warm jacket, two pairs of shoes, sunglasses, caps, personal toiletries, medicines, etc. Well, you already know everything about river rafting in Kolad. So now, you can just make your booking and visit this incredible place where beautiful nature combines with many different types of adventures.

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