Business What actually is Document Management?

What actually is Document Management?


For understanding the word document management, first we need to understand the term Document. Everyone in our day to day life has used and heard the word document. Every one also knows partial meaning of it also but what is the actual definition of it, let’s have a look.

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What is Document?

Document is collection of information physically or digitally. In other words we can say that the document is something containing data and information onto it. Document exists in two forms- physical and digital. Physical documents generally contain paper documents, records, charts, graphs etc. Digital document may contain the same information as the physical documents but in form of digital files.

What is Document Management?

Document Management is the process in which documents are managed in such a way that they are safe and accessible whenever required. Document management basically means to capture, store, index, tag and maintain the data of documents in such an effective manner that data is easily retrieved and stored again when any person requires it.

Need of Document management

It is a real and repetitive question that why we need a document management system or a AI DMS. We are living in a world of digital appliances and technology.  The days have gone when things were offline and businesses were local. Now globalization has changed the way world do business. Global boundaries are contracting and businesses are expanding their feet to global extent. So, in this digital era, every business is producing mountains of data everyday as every business is moving online. So, to manage this huge amount of data, a document management system is required. Document management software take care of your business needs by efficiently managing your data and enables you for better analysis of data for a successful business.

How Document Management System Work-

There are different verticals they are combined and make a complete document management solution. A reliable document management system takes care of every action from capturing document to storing, tagging and retrieval of documents stored.  Let’s have a look the process-

Document Capturing or Archival

The ability to store records so you can locate them later is document capture. Typically, this implies indexing. Indexing is simply a way for a document to be categorized. You add words, including order number or customer number, to the metadata of the paper. These indexes make it easier later on to locate papers.

Document Storage

After document archival, storage is the next step. The documents that are scanned or archived are then sent further for storage. Storage may be in various forms. You can store your data onto hard drives, servers and cloud based technology. Cloud based document storage is the new trend as it enables users to store document and retrieve it anytime anywhere.

Data Security

Data security is the most essential part of reliable document management software. As we know, the data is stored on servers or cloud servers, so it is on risk of cyber frauds.  DMS also enables data encryption and user accessibility so that only authorized persons have right to edit the data. You can also divide the data editing and viewing options on the basis of segments, verticals, roles and responsibilities.

Data Retrieval

The retrieval of documents needs to be fast and simple, or else it is useless. When a client calls in with a question for a customer service representative on an invoice, the rep needs to be able to retrieve the invoice in a snap. Document management systems offer you the search capability for any keyword search to be able to retrieve a document. That’s due to indexing. Using the correct index keys indicates that a record can be accessed.



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