Technology Which Model You should Choose Macbook Pro Or Apple Macbook Air M1?

Which Model You should Choose Macbook Pro Or Apple Macbook Air M1?


Choosing between the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is challenging because both are excellent laptops that are even better than before, owing to the newest Apple silicon. It can be difficult to compare the devices, but it is necessary to know exactly which is best for you, and you can buy them from Maple Stores at great prices.

Numerous excellent models are now in the range, making the decision difficult. 


MacBook Air versus. Pro: Design

The MacBook Air M1 and Pro have machined aluminium bodies, are available in silver and space grey, and all include a small lip at the base’s front to open the screen easily. As always, the Air sports a tapered-wedge shape.

The new MacBook Pro features thin bezels and does away with the Touch Bar in favour of a function row. We say goodbye to the Touch Bar. The 1080p webcam is located in a notch at the top. However, it is not overly noticeable.

With the tapered shape gone, the M2 MacBook Air 2022 sports a look more in line with the 2021 MacBook Pro. Additionally, it includes a notch for the camera and narrower bezels. 

MacBook Air M1 versus. Pro: Battery life

Another area where Apple’s switch to its M1 processors has produced significant gains is battery life. On our battery test, which involves endless web browsing at 150 nits, the M1 MacBook Air lasted 14 hours and 41 minutes, while the M1 Pro lasted even longer (16:32). The 16-inch MacBook Pro (10:55) outperformed both times.

MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Pros from 2021 outperform these figures. The MacBook Pro 14-inch lasted 14:08 throughout our testing, whereas the MacBook Pro 16-inch lasted 15:31. They are surpassed by the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2, which has an impressive 18 hours and 20 minutes of measured battery life. 

The value and cost of a MacBook Air M1 vs Pro

With a starting price of ₹ 82,900, the MacBook Air M1 continues to dominate its segment. Performance-wise, it may even outperform the 13-inch MacBook Pro price too. The old and new 13-inch Pros provide a longer battery life, but it might not be sufficient to justify the ₹ 159,900.

Macbook Pro

There are more ports, a better and quicker 14-inch mini-LED display with 120Hz refresh rate, a faster Pro chip, a 1080p webcam that is more shaped, and a much faster Pro chip. But you need to have a tough task to profit from these advantages.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the best Apple laptop for those who require the largest display, and MacBook Pro price is  ₹ 159,900 . Additionally, the battery will last longer. The MacBook Air M1 is the better option for those who need a high-performing laptop that is also portable and easy to use. 

Ultimately, the choice between the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro depends on your specific needs and budget.

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