Technology Artificial Intelligence Plays a Major Role in The IoT

Artificial Intelligence Plays a Major Role in The IoT


A raging concept in the technology industry, the Internet of Things. So what exactly is the Internet of Things in simple terms? The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to billions of devices around the world that can now be connected to the internet. They all can collect data, sensor data, and thanks to machine learning, perform specific tasks. 

Due to the easy availability of cheap computer chips and the wireless network it has become possible to turn anything into a part of IoT- whether a talking device or an aeroplane. Businesses across the globe are leveraging the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in various industries to create new and optimized business opportunities.


To enhance the experience, IoT, when powered up with Artificial Intelligence (AI), opens the door to a whole new set of opportunities. AI technology has help businesses arrive at decisions without any human intervention. 

Lately, it is observed that there has been an exponential growth in the use of IoT. However, the impact of AI on so many levels is understated. The result will be something gigantic and flourish in the industries. 

The Role of AI in IoT

Through the help of AI systems, various tasks can be done like language translation, voice recognition, problem-solving, etc. all without any human intervention. On the other hand, the Internet of Things helps in connecting gadgets to a network. 

This intelligent system aims to bring comfort to our lives. These gadgets rely on the internet and web connectivity to extract a myriad of data. Data such as user behavior, preferences, personal details, work details, etc. A lot of businesses do not know how to use this data constructively. It will take a lot of effort to process such data, update them from time to time, and use it optimally. 

This is where AI helps IoT. They both go hand in glove with each other. Each supports the other to become more useful and powers the other. With each other, they have the potential and nothing to obstruct their growth. 

In this case, AI can hugely help to collect the bulk of data that is processed by the IoT applications. It can evaluate the data and produce it in a manner that allows the business to do better.

Benefits of AI-powered IoT Platforms for Business

Greater Revenues

Alongside AI developments and IoT platforms, businesses are open to a whole world of options that can help them earn greater heights. 

Safety of Data

Artificial Intelligence can help update sensitive data and keep it safe, which otherwise, if found in the wrong human hands can create chaos and damage of assets. 

Reduced Expenses

Due to such smart devices, the overall operational expenditure of households as well as businesses will stoop down to a great extent.

Better Customer Experience

Since these devices know the user behavior and preferences, they can serve the customer better and offer them products or services which go inline with their likes and dislikes. Hence, a better customer experience.

As a business or household if you haven’t yet explored the bewildering industry of IoT and AI, then it’s time you step up. Check out Legrand; they offer various opportunities to make your home/office a smart place.

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