Lifestyle 5 Ways To Style A Men’s Bandhgala Kurta For Wedding Season

5 Ways To Style A Men’s Bandhgala Kurta For Wedding Season


Fashion defines a person from all aspects and can speak for a person. Fashion is directly related to weddings, and we see the best fashion in the wedding seasons.

Wedding seasons are perfect for picking up your style. There are a lot of wedding outfits for men that are pretty famous, but Bandhgala kurtas have their uniqueness in weddings. Today, we will tell you about this wedding kurta and the styling tips for this kurta at the wedding. 

bandhgala for men
bandhgala for men

What Is A Bandhgala Kurta?

It is commonly known as a Jodhpuri suit in all of India. It is mainly worn formally. It is appropriate for events like weddings and formal social occasions. The material can be silk or some other fitting material. Typically, the material is lined at the neckline and the buttons with embroidery.

This kurta gives you the best look that you can get. It will improve your styling at the wedding, and you will look classy and elegant at the same time. 

Style A Men’s Bandghala Kurta For Wedding 

There are various kurtas that you can wear for the wedding, and Bandhgala Kurta is one of them. There are many ways to style this kurta, but we will tell you the most important ones. Here, we will tell you how to style a kurta for the wedding.

1) Bandhgala Kurta With Sherwani 

This look is the perfect wedding look, and you can seek all the attention at the wedding. Kurta with the sherwani is the best Indian wedding choice. Try this look with an open-collar sherwani to get the best look.

2) Kurta With Salwar  

This is the perfect two-piece choice outfit. The Bandhgala with salwar gives the best matching two-piece look. It is simple and elegant looking at the same time. Most men dress this way at weddings. 

3) Bandhgala With Trousers 

Bandhgala and trousers are like a match made in heaven. This is a very comfortable outfit and will make you look dapper while wearing it. You just need to slip in this dress and be fashionable. 

4) With Side Buttons 

If you want to give your kurta a royal look, side buttons are perfect. This is the ideal outfit for weddings and all special occasions, and it is embroidered on the sides and gives a perfect wedding theme outfit. 

5) Kurta With Traditional Wedding Shoes

Bandhgala kurta with the traditional shoes known as Khussa gives a flawless look. With your embroidered kurta and shiny and silky shoes, you can seak all the attention from the wedding crowd.   

In this article, we have told you about the Bandhgala Kurtas and the perfect styling tips that you can use to style your kurta in the wedding seasons and on all the occasions that you want to go in.  

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