Business What Are MCB’s And RCCB’s? What’s The Difference Between Them?

What Are MCB’s And RCCB’s? What’s The Difference Between Them?


MCCB, MCB, RCCB are all circuit breakers, but all of them are designed for serving a specific purpose. Many people have been using Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) from a long time rather than using RCCB.

RCCB helps in detecting any kind of flaw in the electrical circuit. On the other hand, MCB trips off when there is any flaw. It is very simple to manage and use an MCB


Before you get into the details of what is the difference between them, you should know what they are and what is their role in the electrical circuit.

What is an MCB?

All our houses and residences get their electric power from the fuse which acts like a power system and distribute electricity all over the space. Fuses are being replaced with MCB for safety and control purposes. 

They are electronic devices that are used to protect the circuit from getting overload or overcurrent. MCB acts like an option to the fuse in the majority of circuits. When there is a failure, a fuse needs to get replaced, but an MCB will restore by itself.

MCB also helps in detecting a fault in the circuit. Whenever there is a fault in the circuit, the switch comes down automatically, and we are as a result of this informed that there was a fault. We can then manually go and put the MCB back up, and the electricity will start flowing again.


1) Rates current, not more than 100 Amp.

2) Trip characteristics usually are not adjustable.

3) Thermal or thermal-magnetic operation.

What is an RCCB?

RCCB is another electronic component and stands for Residual current circuit breaker). They are aimed to protect people from the risk of getting an electric shock when there is a fault in the system. When there is a faulty wire, electrocution can take place leading to fire. When there is a sudden earth fault, RCCB can come to great use. 

Upon detecting an imbalance or a mismatch in the current, RCCB helps in tripping or disconnecting the electric current. It is beneficial as it doesn’t take time to take over the situation and help out. It takes approx 20 milliseconds to trip. 

RCCB is nearly current sensing control system that is used to control the low voltage circuit from the fault. It comprises a switch device which is used to turn off the circuit when there is a fault.

What is the Difference Between the Two?

Miniature circuit breaker helps to protect the wires when there is a damage or overload of current. On the hand, the residual current device saves life-threatening problems. RCCB also detects leakages and protects from electrocution. 

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