Lifestyle Your Buying Guide To Best Comforters

Your Buying Guide To Best Comforters


A good night’s sleep after a hectic day is everything a man could ask for. Hence, taking out time for choosing the right kind of bedding is so crucial. The quality of your sleep improves with good bedding and the right blanket. Choosing the right comforter is hence essential. 


With so many choices available in the market, when you go to buy online, you’ll feel confused. Whether you should opt for down fill or down alternatives, check the fabric or the construction, and what about the fill power? Does that matter? 


Hence, we are here with a complete guide on how to buy the best comforters

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When it comes to luxurious comforters, the fill is always down. Down can be either goose down or duck down. They make the comforter fluffy, lightweight, and warm. 

Buying good quality down can help reduce the chances of allergies. Down comforters also last for the long term, hence making it a good investment. 

Down alternatives include cotton and polyester. These are affordable and also best for warmer climates. If you are allergic to down, then these are great options.


You can also machine wash them. Hence, they become easy to manage and store. 

Fill Power

FIll power means how much space one ounce of down occupies. The higher the fill power, the more fluffy the comforter will be. It also means the more warmth it will give. 

Depending on your climate opt for your the best- 

  1. For warmer weather: 400 or less
  2. For year-round use: Between 400 and 600
  3. For cold weather: Between 600 and 800
  4. For freezing climates: 800 or more


To avoid lumpy comforters, checking the construction is also essential. There are various types of methods like-

  1. Box Stitch: This sewn-through method is where they are sewn together into boxes that form a checkered pattern. An excellent option for light-weight and affordable comforters. 
  2. Baffle box: Down comforters use this technique where the fabric is sewn to create boxes of down so that it doesn’t move around. Hence, traps warmth efficiently. 
  3. Gusset: This technique is an advanced version of the baffle box where the vertical fabric walls along the outside edges to provide maximum loft. They are very warm, but also the most expensive.

Thread Count

After buying a good quality fill comforter, you don’t want to have a low-quality fabric through which it’ll poke you in sleep. Hence, also check the thread count of the material. Unlike sheets, there’s no need to go for a too high thread count. Usually 300 or higher is sufficient to get the job done.

Washing and Storage 

After buying a new comforter, give it 2-3 days to open up and settle. Don’t wash your comforter, more than twice a year. Do check the instructions before popping it in the machine. 

Fold it and keep it in a dry, cool location. Make sure you don’t shut it in plastic so that it has space to breathe.  

Now that you understand the comforter buying terminology, you are set to buy online! Do not forget to check out Portico India for the best offers. 



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